Foods that will Help you Fight Air Pollution Issues in the Body


As you may know. air pollution causes diseases that kill millions of people every year. Unlike in the early days when this was a major problem with developing countries, it has become a major problem across the globe. This is one reason you will see people from Far East especially China wearing masks. Besides industries, cars are also contributing to the pollution with their emissions. Due to the fact this is a modern phenomenon, there are foods that one can eat to reduce the effects of pollution.

The Overall Health Benefits of Oil Pulling

When the microorganisms in your mouth are out of balance, it is highly likely that this could lead to some diseases. The health of your health is paramount to your overall health. Oil pulling is one way that you can improve oral health, boost your metabolism and improve your skin.

What is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling has been used for decades. It is an old tradition that involves swishing of pure oil such as coconut oil in your mouth. It draws toxins or pulls them from various parts of the body. It is best done in the morning for about five minutes and on a daily basis.

The Negative Effects of Air Pollution

When the atmosphere is contaminated, it results to air pollution which is a serious problem across the global. The biological and physical components in the air have negative effects not only to human beings, but also to animals, plants and the environment at large.


Toxic Substances That Are a Health Hazard to Our Lungs

Every day, our lungs are exposed to many substances that only do harm to them. One of these substances is smoke which has negative effects to the lungs and general health. Besides smoke, air pollution is brought by other things that only expose our health to risks.
The problem with air pollution is that it is almost everywhere but it is worse in the cities. There are plenty of substances that will leave our lungs exposed to health issues.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle in the Modern World

Staying healthy in the modern life is a challenge that many do not even know exists. People have become too busy to even fix a decent meal or have fun with their kids. A healthy lifestyle has become a nightmare. There are plenty of things that lead to unhealthy lifestyles and the best thing is they are easy to deal with.

How to Control the Spread of Germs in the Workplace

In a business context, any worldwide company has to be productive and efficient. Your company will start to bleed money if people are not turning up due to being unwell.

How Positive Thinking Affects Your Health

It’s well-known that positive thinking brings positive life, and positive life is equal to good health and well-being. However, we don’t see many positivities in people these days. Walking in broad daylight is like walking among dead people.

Everyone has extinguished the spark in their eyes and the fire in their heart. And everyone keeps wondering why they get sick and feel miserable.

Negative thinking has a negative influence on our health

Our Immune System Might Just Be the Cure for Cancer

After years and years of searching for the cure for cancer, who knew that it could literally be inside all of us this entire time?

“Living Drug”

CAR-T cell immunotherapy (or CTL019) is the latest cancer treatment. It’s been turning heads in the science community lately because it uses our own immune system against cancerous cells. When undergoing this treatment, doctors take T cells from our immune systems, freeze them, modify them so that they target cancerous cells, multiply, and then refreeze.

Would You Eat Off Your Bathroom Floor?

I know what you are thinking. What the hell, right? Who would want to eat off their bathroom floor? The very thought of this instantly fills a normal persons mind with fear and disgust. After all with the toilet, the shower and bathroom sink - the bathroom is often considered to be a filthy environment. And unless you just had a brand new bathroom renovation, how clean do you think your bathroom really is?

Sure you go to your bathroom to get clean but you are cleaning off filth in the process right?

All I Need is the Air that I Breath - Just Don't Kill Me!

Sure we have all heard the famous song "All I need is the air that I breath" by the Hollies but today we are going to talk about something slightly different. You see in our world full of charges and taxes at least we still have the air that we breath for free. Right? Well - yes, sure it is free. But not all air is equal and you could be putting yourself in great danger by breathing certain air.

Outbreak - The Movie - It Could Happen...

Do you remember the movie Outbreak? Released in 1995 it was a smash hit at the cinemas. Maybe because what it is focussed on something that can really happen. And maybe it was because it was talking about an Ebola like outbreak that was actually happening in Zaire at the time. Crazy stuff!

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