Outbreak - The Movie - It Could Happen...

Do you remember the movie Outbreak? Released in 1995 it was a smash hit at the cinemas. Maybe because what it is focussed on something that can really happen. And maybe it was because it was talking about an Ebola like outbreak that was actually happening in Zaire at the time. Crazy stuff!

If you haven't seen the movie you must check it out. Apart from having a great cast for a movie at that time, it highlights real life dangers of air-borne virus and disease. There is no question that air-borne disease is super difficult to control and maintain. The threat to all mankind is limitless when you take a look at how easy it spreads. Especially with the ease of travel in our day and age.

Sure we have customs at airports and international road borders however we all know that customs are primarily looking for drugs, weapons, foods and other perishables. Air-borne virus or even an infected person with a deadly disease. No way! There are no tracking methods for that. But there should be!

Take the most recent outbreak of Ebola in 2013. Originating in Guinea, it quickly spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone. Even though this was the 26th outbreak of Ebola in Africa it was the first to hit West Africa. From there with the ease of flight transportation cases were showing up in the UK, USA and Spain. While the updates were quite surreal in 2014 we are finding now that it is getting more contained. However this is still a huge problem in Africa. Consider that 26 outbreaks over the last 3 decades and the western world hears about only a few.

Luckily for us the real worlds Ebola is not airborne like the fictional virus in the movie. However with quick mutation anything is possible. The movie Outbreak showed the complex nature of a rapidly changing virus and we all need to be aware that a catastrophe like that could realistically happen at any time. Even with the worlds population of over 6 billion a crazy airborne disease could easily wipe out the world in a matter of months!

Saying that you could walk outside an get hit by a car so don't get too overwhelmed. You just need to focus on what is in your control. Look out for future posts where we talk about things you can do to safe guard yourself from death in the air. There are so many ways to die in this day and age that we need to look out for ourselves and our loved ones. Till next time take care and peace.