The Overall Health Benefits of Oil Pulling

When the microorganisms in your mouth are out of balance, it is highly likely that this could lead to some diseases. The health of your health is paramount to your overall health. Oil pulling is one way that you can improve oral health, boost your metabolism and improve your skin.

What is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling has been used for decades. It is an old tradition that involves swishing of pure oil such as coconut oil in your mouth. It draws toxins or pulls them from various parts of the body. It is best done in the morning for about five minutes and on a daily basis.

Types of Oils that can be used

The good thing about oil pulling is that you can use various types according to your preferences. Options include essential oils such as oregano or tree oil. The most common ones are organic olive, coconut and organic sesame oil.

Benefits of Oil Pulling

The most important thing in your body is good health. You live a happier life when you are in perfect health. Toxins expose you to healthy issues and with oil pulling, you can get rid of these toxins and ultimately prevent health problems such as cancer and heart diseases.

1. Prevents Cavities
Cavities are one of the most common dental issues. Cavities are caused by excessive consumption of sugary stuff, poor oral hygiene, plaque which forms as a coating on the teeth and bacteria build up. When oil pulling is done on a regular basis, the bacteria causing cavity are eliminated. This in turn will reduce the chances of cavities forming.

2. Clearer Skin
Regular oil pulling detoxifies your body as it draws toxins from it. Toxins are a main cause of breakouts and dullness on skin. Removal of these toxins improves the skin condition such as acne. The skin will start clearing from the moment the toxic fat cells are eliminated.

3. Strengthens Teeth, Jaw and Gums
Gum diseases involve swollen gums that bleed especially when brushing. Gum diseases lead to other oral issues which can be prevented by oil pulling.

When oil pulling is done on a regular basis and properly, it is quite effective. You will be enjoying better oral health and a cleaner mouth. Whiter teeth, enhanced metabolic system and weight balance are some of the other benefits of swishing oil in your mouth early in the morning on an empty stomach.