All I Need is the Air that I Breath - Just Don't Kill Me!

Sure we have all heard the famous song "All I need is the air that I breath" by the Hollies but today we are going to talk about something slightly different. You see in our world full of charges and taxes at least we still have the air that we breath for free. Right? Well - yes, sure it is free. But not all air is equal and you could be putting yourself in great danger by breathing certain air.

Of course air that contains airborne viruses or disease is an obvious threat and breathing this air is a sure-fire way to reduce your life expectancy. But have you ever though about the difference in air quality for a city dweller to country folk? Maybe, but most people don't even give it a thought. Well most of the unbeknown western society that is.

Have you ever seen photos of china's rush hour? Thousands upon thousands of people on the streets along with cars, buses and other forms of polluting transport. The air is thick with smog and has been for many years. For this reason many of the pedestrians walk around with face masks on. What may seem strange to people from other cities around the world has become perfectly normal for these Asian city dwellers.

I understood the severity of this issue while watching a recorded autopsy on late night TV once. The doctor (some might say mad scientist) regular performed recorded autopsies and even in front of a studio audience I believe, to show the differences between organs from a "normal" person and one that had some sort of disease. The show was really quite fascinating and eye opening to say the least. However I can't remember the name of it. Leave a comment if you know the name of this doctor so others can watch his episodes.

One night when I was watching his program he decided to inspect the lungs of 3 different people. 1 was a smoker who died from some form of cancer caused from smoking too much. Another died from natural causes and I am not sure how the third one died. The interesting part was that the person who died from natural causes lived majority of their life in the country side, while the 3rd person spent most of their lives living in the hustle and bustle of the city.

Upon cutting open each of the persons lungs we could all visibly see that the lungs from both the smoker and the city dweller where both blackened, looked aged and hard to imagine they were even functional. They both looked quite clogged. However the lungs of the countryside dweller still looked nice and pink, what you would imaging a healthy looking lung to look like, I guess. If you can even imagine that!

The point of this experience was that I discovered that even living in the city can be bad for your health. We may glance at the smog and fumes coming out of some motor vehicles but when you combine all the thousands if not millions of cars and other transportation devices that are travelling around you can quickly understand how the pollution stacks up. It literally stacks up - in your lungs!

So sure you may think that all you need is air to breath in order to live, however take note that some air you breath may actually be killing you slowly. If the lungs from a city dweller can appear to look like a heavy smoker just think about the damage that this is causing your body. It is definitely reducing your life.

I urge you to take some time out of you day to get some real fresh air. Go for a walk or picnic in a park. Walk around coastal areas where there is a constant sea breeze and fresh ocean air. Get out to the countryside for time off work if you work in the city. Heck even a change of lifestyle to move out to the countryside may be doing better things for you than you realise.