Would You Eat Off Your Bathroom Floor?

I know what you are thinking. What the hell, right? Who would want to eat off their bathroom floor? The very thought of this instantly fills a normal persons mind with fear and disgust. After all with the toilet, the shower and bathroom sink - the bathroom is often considered to be a filthy environment. And unless you just had a brand new bathroom renovation, how clean do you think your bathroom really is?

Sure you go to your bathroom to get clean but you are cleaning off filth in the process right?

Well sure this is true. The bathroom is a place where you go to freshen up and clean yourself. But with all the chemicals used in the bathroom, the cleanliness can often surprise you. In a good way of course.

In fact there have been tests that show that money can be more filthy than a toilet seat. Yes! A toilet seat! Think about that for a minute!

Here you have a seat that may have numerous people's bottoms on it daily and this is more clean than the coins and notes in our wallets. We touch our money countless times a day and often after just paying for some food and handling money we instantly use our hands to eat.

Now what is more crazy? The fact that you don't wash your hands after handling money or the fact that you think easting off the bathroom floor is disgusting?

Well I can't speak for everyone as some people's bathrooms and toilets seats may have never been cleaned in months or worse - years. And who knows where these test results came from. Maybe the money they tested was more contaminated than the average notes and coins. All I know is that bacteria can grow anywhere and its up to you to look after your environment and yourself.

I am not saying in anyway that you should eat of your bathroom floor, or any floor for that matter. However maybe its time to have a look around and do some cleaning.

Your bathroom along with your kitchen can be an enormous breading ground for bacteria and potential infections for you and your family. Never let it get out of hand. Although on the flip side don't go overboard too. After all the money we handle has been tested as worse than a standard toilet seat. So your body needs a strong immune system to be able to combat life's bacteria which could be anywhere. Handrail, elevator buttons and door handles and just some examples.

If you keep your house too clean you will not be giving your immune system a chance to keep up with fighting bacterial infections and then once you hit the outside world you will be a goner.