How Positive Thinking Affects Your Health

It’s well-known that positive thinking brings positive life, and positive life is equal to good health and well-being. However, we don’t see many positivities in people these days. Walking in broad daylight is like walking among dead people.

Everyone has extinguished the spark in their eyes and the fire in their heart. And everyone keeps wondering why they get sick and feel miserable.

Negative thinking has a negative influence on our health

Isn’t it obvious? Although positive thinking doesn’t always bring us what we want, it’s certainly better than negative thinking. It’s also proven that negative thinking has a negative influence on our health. How?

People who have negative thoughts and always hope for the worst, eventually get what are they hoping for. And it affects their health, especially in a stressful manner. And we all know that stress is the indicator to many diseases. Although it’s a fictional state of mind, it affects our health. We say fictional because we create it in our own mind. Nothing can hurt or piss us off if we don’t let it first.

People who think positive recover from diseases and illnesses faster, according to a recent study

According to a study made in 2013 by the journal of the American Heart Association, people who deal with a certain disease and include positive thinking in the healing process, heal faster. However, this isn’t the only study that proves that positive thinking is a healer. Other studies have also shown that optimism and positive thoughts have a major impact on our health.

Positive thinking has a lot of benefits you’re currently unaware of

Positive thinking increases our life span, reduces stress and depression, improves your cardiovascular health and prevents you from getting a cardiovascular disease. And most important of all – it heals your mind and soul. Anyway, many people have the wrong perception about positive thinking. To be optimistic about something, doesn’t mean to wait for a supernatural power to deal with your problems. Or cure your disease and improve your health.

To be positive and optimistic means to accept what’s happening to you with a smile. However, that’s not everything. You also need to constantly look for solutions and never hope for the worst.

You can be prepared for it but work on getting the best. Nothing good falls from heaven. You have to climb the stairs and take it yourself. Although you can’t always control what’s happening to you, you can definitely control the way you react to it! Wonder how to start thinking positively? Follow these two simple steps and chose a better life and health for yourself today!

Talk to yourself and get a closer look at the things ‘force’ you to conceive negative thoughts and spread negativity

Talking to yourself doesn’t mean you’re crazy. On the contrary, it helps you understand yourself better. That way you will be able to analyze everything that happens to you. You will also get a better view of things that make you feel negative. You will realize that they’re not the ones that make you feel negative but your own mind. Take a look at the bright side. There’s a solution for every problem. And if you can’t find it – create it!

Don’t believe in destiny and don’t play the victim! Believe in yourself and play the winner!

Believing that what happens to you is the fault of something that doesn’t actually exist like destiny, it’s stupid. Destiny doesn’t exist. You do. And you better do more than just exist. Create your own life and you will see how positivity will follow you in every step. Never play the victim because you’re not. You are just too lazy to get up and fight. Don’t play the losing part. Chose to win because you are born a winner. We all are. Some of us just don’t know it yet!