Toxic Substances That Are a Health Hazard to Our Lungs

Every day, our lungs are exposed to many substances that only do harm to them. One of these substances is smoke which has negative effects to the lungs and general health. Besides smoke, air pollution is brought by other things that only expose our health to risks.
The problem with air pollution is that it is almost everywhere but it is worse in the cities. There are plenty of substances that will leave our lungs exposed to health issues.

Mildew and Mould
You have probably seen mould in your house or somewhere else. No matter how harmless it appears, this is a health hazard to your lungs. They can actually be found outdoors or indoors.
The problem of mould in the environment is that it has effects such as coughing, headaches and lethargy among other issues. Breathing ‘moldy’ air exposes the lungs to issues and especially to those with respiratory problems.

Carbon Monoxide
This is quite dangerous as you might not notice its effects on you. The worst thing about carbon monoxide is that it neither has taste nor smell. A common source of the gas is burning charcoal. Although it leads to death, it also causes shortness of breath and chest pains.

Volatile Organic Compounds
These are some of the substances that you are exposed to on a daily basis. They may include pesticides that you control bugs with, new paint to a building, gasoline, printers and copiers in the house, your carpet and even tobacco from smokers. They lead to difficulty in breathing and are harmful to the nervous system.

Another toxic substance to your lungs is benzene which is commonly used in industrial buildings. It is found in glues, cleaning products, adhesives, rubber lubricants, detergents, cleaning products and plastics among other things. Besides being harmful to your lungs, it also leads to dizziness, intense headaches and drowsiness.

It does not necessarily mean that toxic substances only come from industrial buildings. They can also be from your house. Gasoline, pesticides, drugs and household cleaners could also be a health hazard to your lungs.

It is advisable that you do your best to reduce the effects of pollution. Your lungs work a lot on a daily basis thus you should take good care of them. Engage in activities and take supplements that will boost your immune system.