The Negative Effects of Air Pollution

When the atmosphere is contaminated, it results to air pollution which is a serious problem across the global. The biological and physical components in the air have negative effects not only to human beings, but also to animals, plants and the environment at large.

Where Does Air Pollution Come From?
Dust, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide are just some of air pollutants. Human beings play a huge role in contaminating the air through construction, industrialization, mining and automotive among other things. Apparently, air pollution is a huge problem in the urban areas more than it is in the rural areas.

Effects of air pollution
Air pollution can have adverse effects on humans, animals and the environment. Some of these pollutants will have varying effects depending on the level of chemical concentration and the length of exposure.

  • Pneumonia, asthma and bronchitis among other upper respiratory infections
  • Nose, throat and irritation of the eyes
  • Acidification which can lead to acid rain
  • Algae growth in water bodies
  • Physiological and behavioral disorders
  • Lung cancer

How to Prevent Air Pollution
There is a solution to air pollution and the good thing about this is that everyone can play their part. From preventing indoor air pollution to reviewing the chemicals that are used in industrialization, there is room for improvement.

  • Prevent Indoor Air Pollution

Air pollution is common in most buildings and it’s actually quite high. Some homes and buildings do not have ventilation especially in places with cool temperatures. To prevent this kind of pollution, you should avoid using coal, air conditioners, sprays, smoking inside a building and using disinfectants among other things.

You should keep your house, office or building well ventilated by opening windows and doors, using proper ventilation and air filters. This will keep the air clean.

  • Plant More Trees

Plants help to filter the dangerous compounds and chemicals in the air. As it happens, this is one of the reasons that we are advised to plant as many trees as we can. Plants release oxygen, increases humidity, cools the air and gives freshness. Having indoor plants makes the air inside suitable for breathing and the same is for outside plants. This is an affordable and easy way to eradicate air pollution.

Air pollution is a global problem that leads to thousands of deaths every year. Besides the deaths, it leads to health issues with some of them being long-term. It changes the safety of the soil, vegetation is killed, humans suffer from diseases, water bodies are contaminated and animals are harmed in various ways. It is the role of every individual to ensure that they play their part in minimizing and eradicating air pollution.